Global Platforms

An affordable way to launch your fund
Global Platforms

Apex prides itself on the ability to understand, adapt and meet the growing needs of its clients – especially when it comes to launching successful funds.

It is essential for new managers that initial set up and on-going costs are kept low in the early stages. Today’s markets are extremely competitive which is why Apex strives to provide emerging managers with platforms to ensure that their Total Expense Ratio (TER) is kept in line with a fast paced industry.

Apex has partnered with well known industry names to launch Global Platforms in multiple locations servicing both on and offshore jurisdictions. The platform service assists new managers by exploring the possibilities of launching a fund and providing a step-by-step guide to create a dedicated fund…all of this within a few days and without the usual costs or red tape. A true turn-key solution for your fund.

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Cost effective

The Platforms offer a cost-effective solution for emerging managers who require back office, fund administration, legal and accounting support.


The platform provides a legal structure and the documentation required to launch a Sub-fund quickly. Time to launch can be within 2 weeks.

Access to experience

Apex partners with best practice providers and has have secured excellent terms with them. Alleviate the burden’s around fund set up and work with an expert to ensure a quick and efficient launch.


Where are the Platforms located?

Ireland, Luxembourg, Guernsey, Malta, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and USA.

Will I still need to apply for additional licenses?

Some jurisdictions do not require additional licenses for promoters establishing funds as the structures are already approved. Please check with your local Apex office for advice on your specific region.