US Tax Requirements for Fund Managers

In the United States, tax developments have led to some asset managers shifting their operations and looking to outsource to specialists in order to stay abreast of changes and ahead of the competition. It is critical as regulation across the funds industry increases in complexity and US tax laws evolve, that both onshore and offshore…

EU Flags

Europe as a Centre for Offshore Investors – 2019 Outlook

Asset managers today continue to face intensified regulation, through both global standards and regional directives, resulting in a complex cross-jurisdictional compliance landscape. Yet the rise of the global manager, and for those that embrace compliance and get a head start on understanding the regulations, returns are up and new technologies mean plenty of opportunity. There…


Technology evolutions are heavily impacting the asset management space. From the increasing number of Fintech firms launching on a daily basis to the rapid emergence of crypto funds and the likes, these disruptive entrants are transforming the industry lanscape and quickly winning both customers and market share. Managers need to adapt rapidly to remain competitive.


Luxembourg Regulation: Highlights October 2018

Luxembourg is emerging as a key investment jurisdiction for asset managers, especially with the possibility of a hard Brexit looming. As it jostles with Ireland for poll position as the fund domicile jurisdiction of choice in the EU, reports suggest that the number of people working in the Luxembourg investment industry grew by 10 percent…

Regulation hammer

October 2018: Regulatory Update

The financial crisis in 2008 saw regulators around the globe agreeing on some commonly shared aims to enhance the integrity of the markets and mitigate risks for governments and consumers. What we have seen over the past couple of years is a parting of ways and certainly a more fragmented approach to regulation across the…