Market leading technologies supporting your fund
Advanced Technology

In today’s world the financial markets rely on superb technology products for accuracy and instant responses. Technology has both tangible and intangible benefits which is why it is essential that all fund services are delivered through market leading products.

Apex enhances the delivery of timely, accurate and independent portfolio accounting through utilising ‘best in class’ technologies. Through a combination of joint ventures with award winning technology providers, as well as its own market leading platforms, Apex delivers high quality solutions to asset managers globally.


We work alongside you to find opportunities in regulation. Cross boarder trading can actually extend and further diversify your portfolio and even open the potential for launching new products and accessing new markets.

Through our network of offices covering all key jurisdictions worldwide, the Apex Group has unparalleled regulatory expertise both locally and on a global scale. We are able to offer cross-jurisdictional solutions and expertise enabling you to invest in any region or market with confidence in your compliance with local regulations and law.

Find out more about our regulatory services below and visit your local office to enquire: Locations