Voluntary Fund Liquidation

Delivering an effective solution for voluntary liquidation of a fund.
Voluntary Fund Liquidation

The Apex Group is committed to going the extra mile and delivering more than standard administration services by providing a complete suite of products spanning the full value chain of a fund – to be available at any time throughout a funds lifecycle.

As part of this commitment, Apex Cayman not only partners with experienced legal firms when required, but also employs expert resources in-house to deliver dissolution services to various finance vehicles and investment funds. The team of professional liquidators have participated in (and acted as) voluntary liquidator for over 400 successful dissolutions of Cayman companies, Mutual Funds and Limited Partnerships. It is important that during this process overheads are kept low, which is why Apex Cayman provides the most competitively priced voluntary liquidation service in the Cayman Islands.

Click Here for a step by step guide to voluntary liquidation.

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